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Demonstrace 12. listopadu 2005 ve Štrasburku

2005-10-21, 2:42:00 • Protestní akce
Rallying call...

Against arbitrary repressions of named "Teknival" and "Free Parties".

Those events just are the expression of free Art and Cultures, without commercial purposes, open to ALL PEOPLE, helping them to share, develop and enrich those cultures.

To ensure that what happend in Tcheck Republic don't renew anymore!!!

We can't bear, in an emmerging constitutionnal Europe, that member nations scorn and anihilate those spaces of creative freedom, by either violent police acts, or securitary laws.

We can't give up in front of those kind of discriminatory acts.
We won't abdicate ahead of intolerance.
We won't accept to be silenced.
We just have to go ahead and spread informations.

For this, we need You...

Call for Mobilization – 12 November 2005 – European Manifestation in Strasbourg – 14:00 Place de la Republique

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