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Czech Tekno - a film by Jazmine Ulloa (video YouTube)

2006-09-14, 15:23:00 • Video a filmy

Czech Tekno

a film by Jazmine Ulloa (2006)

A journey through the fusion of lights, sounds, and loud music. Exploring the places where people listen to Tekno in the Czech Republic. Don't fight the impulse to dance... Czech Tekno – film by Jazmine Ulloa

Experience CzechTek and two distinct Czech electronic dance music clubs through a fusion of lights, sounds, and loud music. A man interviewed at CzechTek explained: "At clubs, people dress up and judge each other. Here, we celebrate our freedom. Here, it's about friends and music." Decide for yourself and don't fight the dancing beats.

thanks: Brian Chamblee for lighting, Josh and Tomas for sharing their tent,
Professor Andrew Garrison, FAMU, The University of Texas at Austin

Cross Club

an independent underground club located in the cellar and ground floor of an old house

Mecca Club

a trendy club fequented mostly by foreigners and Czech elite


a massive underground party in the open, fresh air


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