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Video a foto z demolice Ungdomshusetu (Politikem.dk)

2007-03-5, 10:16:00 • Squatting

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[1] Kodaň: video demolice (05.03.2007, 11:57:29)
[2] Michael: (06.03.2007, 01:28:53)
Dobry den! (sorry for my bad Czech)

Dear CzechTek,
I am a Dane who remember CzechTek 2005, and I have one serious question.

Are you communists or socialist?

The Danish organisation Ungdomshuset (The Youth House) is an anarchistic organisation which fights FOR establishing communism, and socialism in Denmark. The house had a long history and Lenin has been there once.

Please remember that Denmark has never tried the horror of a communistic regime - and that is why Ungdomshuset wants to fight the existing democracy. These stupid "kids" want to make Denmark communistic.

If I remember correctly then the Czech anarchistic left-wing community fights AGAINST communism.

I have attended some cool anti-communism concerts held in Prague :-) There was also a big concert in Letna Park.

Can you please enlighten me on this subject?
Is CzechTek for or against communism?

Ungdomshuset is FOR communism. Want proof? See their websites http://www.ungdomshuset.dk/ which links to http://jagtvej69.dk/

Here you find links to their friends:

Communistic Party

The Daily News "The Worker"

Socialistic Youth Front

DKU - Danish Communistic Youth Association

People's Radio

and many more..

If CzechTek hates communism then show that you do NOT AGREE with the idiots in Denmark who make serious riots in the streets burning cars of private citizens, and taking Copenhagen as hostages.

Please show that the Czech left-wing does NOT support Ungdomshuset. Say NO to communism!