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Demolice autonomního centra Ungdomshuset on-line (TV2.dk)

2007-03-5, 12:54:34 • Odkazy
Demoliční práce v přímém přenosu: ..:. TV2.dk :.

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[1] Roman: (05.03.2007, 17:17:43)
Nevadí. Postavíme novej :-)
[2] Michael: (05.03.2007, 23:40:48)
Dobry den! (sorry for my bad Czech)

Dear CzechTek,
I am a Dane who remember CzechTek 2005, and I have one serious question.

Are you communists or socialist?

The Danish organisation Ungdomshuset (The Youth House) is an anarchistic organisation which fights FOR establishing communism, and socialism in Denmark. The house had a long history and Lenin has been there once.

Please remember that Denmark has never tried the horror of a communistic regime - and that is why Ungdomshuset wants to fight the existing democracy. These stupid "kids" want to make Denmark communistic.

If I remember correctly then the Czech anarchistic left-wing community fights AGAINST communism.

I have attended some cool anti-communism concerts held in Prague :-) There was also a big concert in Letna Park.

Can you please enlighten me on this subject?
Is CzechTek for or against communism?

Ungdomshuset is FOR communism. Want proof? See their websites http://www.ungdomshuset.dk/ which links to http://jagtvej69.dk/

Here you find links to their friends:

Communistic Party

The Daily News "The Worker"

Socialistic Youth Front

DKU - Danish Communistic Youth Association

People's Radio

and many more..

If CzechTek hates communism then show that you do NOT AGREE with the idiots in Denmark who make serious riots in the streets burning cars of private citizens, and taking Copenhagen as hostages.

Please show that the Czech left-wing does NOT support Ungdomshuset. Say NO to communism!


[3] Roman: 2Michael (06.03.2007, 01:28:03)
Dear Michael, sorry for my bad english, I hope, someone other will write some better in this language. :-) So, simple: CzechTek, I feel, is from ever and for ever unpolitical, the people I have meet and talk there - we have never talk about some orientation of all this community and I think, something like this doesnt exist at all. F.e. I am absolutely against the communism, but I am one of the thousands czechtek visitors and there will be possible thousands of opinions.

I lived the first 20 years of my life in communism and want NEVER MORE live this sick life in the permanent lies.

But most of the kids of Ungdomshuset, I think, didnt live under this regime, so in my opinion they feel ALL completely different. But this is all in all not important. I am pleasured to hear the voice who hates communism. But I feel, there is no link to the incidents with Ungdomshuset. I was very sad seeing destroying the building in TV today. For me, this is not normally, this is some kind of fanaticism. My nature is to support any creative place, because I feel happy in these places, and that, what I have seen the last days from Kopenhagen, was simple one idiotical action heading to complete destroying one of these creative places. And I am crying and protesting against this. And supporting the "ungdoms" kids, even though I really dont like the burning cars, speak nothing of burning the books. :-(

[4] Michael: (06.03.2007, 01:52:02)
Hi Roman, Thanks for your reply :-)
I also like creative places like Christiania and also the free athmosphere of Ungdomshuset, and the free mentality of cities like Amsterdam. Prague is also a very cool place :-)

The problem with Ungdomshuset is that there is a little (but very extreme) group of 100% violent anarchists who only wants fight, destruction, burning cars etc. This group of people controlled all of Ungdomshuset - so the normal creative free-minded kids could not vote for peace. The homepage of Ungdomshuset invited all trouble-makers of the world to come and fight for the house. I feel very sad to see all the desctruction because I also love Noerrebro. It is a multicultural part of Copenhagen.

The kids of Ungdomshuset still threathens Copenhagen and says "Give us another house for free - or else we will destroy your city". There was a foundation which wanted to buy the house for the kids - but the kids said refused this gift! Because they insisted that the city had to pay.

They act like small terrorists. "Give us 12 million Danish crowns (50 million Kc) or else we will burn down your city!" The kids already had 15 millions crowns from their foundation but they did not want to use this money. They wanted the citizens of Copenhagen to pay this ransome.

These kids act like very spoiled babies who demands candy in the store.

I am very sorry but it makes me so angry. I only want to let you know that the fight in Denmark is not the same fight as in Czech Republic.

A more local issue for Czech Rep. could be the American radar station?
[5] hand blog: 2Michael (06.03.2007, 02:02:07)
Dear Michael, if you set one more your text to next titule, you get ban on this blog! Thanks
[6] Roman: 2handblog (06.03.2007, 02:10:34)
neblbni ;-)
[7] Michael: (06.03.2007, 02:18:51)
Hand, promiňte
[8] hand blog: (06.03.2007, 02:21:00)
nevim proc to musi cpat vsude, to je trochu moc, jeho nazory mu neberu
[9] hand blog: 2Michael (06.03.2007, 02:21:26)
[10] Roman: (06.03.2007, 02:23:48)
Hello Michael,

I have heard, they had 2 mil. € to offer it to "Father House" for buying the building, but the "Father house" guys didnt accept it. Wrong?
[11] Roman: 2handblog (06.03.2007, 02:31:05)
Jo jako Tě sere, že to nacpal všude? To já chňápu. Nebo už máš s nim nějakou zkušenost? Mě to příde jako diskuse s normálním člověkem. No budu řešit zejtra. Případně :-)
[12] Michael: (06.03.2007, 02:46:04)
Roman, yes it is correct that the Father House did not want to sell the building (because they are a stupid fanatic religious group)

The problem is that Father House owns the house legally, and the users of Ungdomshuset were there illegally for 6 years.
They used violence and weapons to not give the house to the legal owners - Father House.

The City of Copenhagen found another empty building and offered this to Ungdomshuset for 1.6 mil. euro.
Ungdomshuset said NO to this offer. Because they meant that they deserved to get the house for 1 crown!

The City said NO to a price of only 1 crown. And Ungdomshuset still did not want to leave the house and they did not want to pay 1.6 mil. euro - even though they had 2 mil. euro from this secret foundation.

Then the dialogue was impossible. The Court had ordered that Ungdomshuset had to be out before Dec 14, 2006 and on Dec 16, 2006 Ungdomshuset started to destroy Copenhagen because they were "angry" and they said that nobody "listened" to them.

On March 1, 2007 the police had enough power to kick them out of Jagtvej 69 because Ungdomshuset was there illegally. And then the new riots started again and Ungdomshuset destroyed the streets, burned bicycles, 20-30 cars of private people, etc etc.

Many of the trouble-makers were foreigners (about 50%?). Mostly German, Swedish and Norwegian.

The propaganda from Ungdomshuset.dk and Modkraft.dk has called for international support, and thus activists from many countries have made protests in front of the Danish Embassy.

But I think it is very unfair to protest against Denmark. It is Ungdomshuset who are the bad guys.

They have shown that they are very egoistic criminals who don't care about the feelings of their neighbours.

But of course Ungdomshuset did not tell the true story when they asked for international support.

They don't deserve support. They deserve to go to jail.
They wanted to steal 1.6 mil. from the city, and then they started a big war in the streets and normal people don't like it.

I hope this makes sense :-)
[13] hand blog: 2Roman (06.03.2007, 03:07:04)
je to poprvý, ale stalo to za to
[14] Michael: (06.03.2007, 03:18:00)
I saw on this blog that someone in Prague was protesting against the Embassy of Denmark.

I am very sorry that Ungdomshuset can use these pictures to make even more propaganda/chaos in Denmark.

The only reason why they want to make this conflict international is because they do not have support from the population of Denmark.

I think it is morally wrong to support the anarchistic/communistic criminals of Ungdomshuset who try to destroy a democratic system.