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23 Teknivals from ganpati23

2007-04-3, 19:23:00 • FreeTekno akce

Montage des Teknivals et tuefs en France, Espagne, Italie et Angleterre. Avec la violence des Flics par tout. A short music video with footage from Teknivals and free illegal underground raves and tekno festivals in France, Spain and Italy as well as the police busting Sunny's wake in England. Sunny was a traveller kid beloved by the whole scene, and the pigs wouldn't even let us have his wake in peace on our own site, and busted it for no reason on Sunday afternoon. F**K PIGS, as Sunny's tag said. From

Teknival Interview / Montage (English / Francais) Habiba

Part of an interview / discussion between an English and a French traveller at a Dutch Teknival, including a musical video montage of the lifestyle and the teknivals. Hear a discussion about, and see images of, Police brutality both in England and Europe, as a wake for Sunny, a dead Travller child is busted, girls are CS gassed, a riot provoked and our lifestyle is again attacked. From GANPATI23. GANPATI bless and F**K PIGS

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[1] Martin: czechtek (03.04.2007, 22:49:46)
čau čau chci se zeptat kdy bude akce a kde bude akce czechtek.
[2] kokkta: :) (04.04.2007, 08:46:35)
[3] Czechtek: Milý Martine (04.04.2007, 11:06:02)
teď už Ti to můžeme prozradit: CzechTek nebude nikdy.

[4] Zena & Rory: New address for 23 Teknivals (14.04.2007, 19:03:07)
Address change. New address is:
Can you please change.
Thanks for embedding the films. See you this summer, we hope. First Czechtek for us was 95.
Thanks again. Just wish I could speak czech.