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Dijon's Squatted Tanneries Risk Eviction (IndyMedia.org)

2007-04-10, 20:28:00 • Squatting
Dijon's Squatted Tanneries Risk Eviction
(IndyMedia.org, 09 Apr 2007 03:41 GMT)

After nine years of continuous occupation, and despite a legal occupation contract with the city government, the "Tanneries" squat in Dijon is currently facing eviction for the development of a huge private medical center, which also endangers the local public health system. This is part of the current wave of repression across European Union against well-established autonomous social centers: many have been evicted in the past year. The Tanneries are a major support center for social movements in Europe, and are the People's Global Action Infopoint in France.

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