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If teknivals become a fashion instead of a passion, it's time to go back underground (network23.org.uk)

2007-05-12, 9:43:00 • CzechTek
Interview With Ixindamix Concerning CzechTek Etc...
(lugh23, network23.org.uk, 2. května 2007, 12:33)

Good morning !!..... I`m just gonna ask say 3 questions and well take your time and write whatever you want and feel ... First here`s something to chew on..... Here`s the statement by the Czech crews Here`s the message and I quote !!! "In regard of the fact that the situation around CzechTek isn't bearable anymore, the representatives of Czech freetekno community came to this radical decision:

This year (and very probably even never again) any action of the size and under the name CzechTek won't be realized.

více na: ..:. network23.org.uk :.

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