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Statement made by art group ZTOHOVEN regarding their attack at the public service broadcaster in the Czech Republic.

2007-06-19, 9:09:00 • English

Statement made by art group ZTOHOVEN

We are neither a terrorist organization nor a political group, our aim is not to intimidate the society or manipulate it, which is something we witness on daily basis both in real world and in the world created by the media.

Whether the reasons are political interests, market interests, financial interests or interests of supranational companies – we meet hidden manipulation and attempt to invade the subconscious mind of citizens with specific products or ideology, using all available means. We do not think that a subtle distortion of such system or an appeal to pure common sense of people and their ability to remain unaffected are harmful, not even in a democratic society. That is why, several years ago, the art group Ztohoven penetrated the public sphere of Prague, questioned the space given to advertisement generally and the space given to specific adverts. On the 17th of June 2007 this group attacked the space of TV broadcasting. It distorted it, questioned its truthfulness and its credibility. It drew attention to the possibility of using images of the world created by the media in place of the existing, real world. Is everything we see daily on our TV screens real? Is everything presented to us by the media, newspapers, television, Internet actually real? This is the concept our project would like to introduce and remind of. We believe that even the free space of public service broadcaster is able to endure such action and such impeachment. We hope our action will become an appeal for the future and remind the media of their duty to bring out the truth.

Thank you for independent media and free space for our society.

source in czech language: ..:. MySpace.com/ztohoven :.

more info:
An artistic group interfered with the Czech TV broadcast with fictitious nuclear explosion
Ztohoven vs. Czech Television (8th January, 2008)

Ztohoven art group

Ztohoven (November 2003)


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[1] Steve: (19.06.2007, 19:55:19)
[2] Radio Praha: Mushroom cloud incident to be reviewed by Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting (20.06.2007, 18:22:16)
[3] Karola: (21.06.2007, 08:41:30)
Great idea!! I love it :)))

[4] (23.06.2007, 04:57:13)
[5] macutta: ocenuji (02.07.2007, 09:01:54)
[6] LOL: How did you do that trick? (11.07.2007, 20:55:22)
What did you use in order to do it?
[7] ross: high art (26.10.2007, 15:52:26)
shame it was not real...or was it?
[8] (04.12.2007, 13:34:16)

Statement made by art group ZTOHOVEN

source in czech language: ..:. myspace.com/ztohoven :.

try asking there
[9] (04.12.2007, 13:42:17)
[10] (04.01.2008, 18:47:23)
[11] (04.01.2008, 19:47:40)
palhaços porqu&ecirc; cromo?
[12] trnt: fabuloso (04.01.2008, 22:06:21)
Beautiful! Amazing! This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! The media claim that many people could have been frightened... (of course they did not finish their sentence) ...if people were as gullible and humourless as they wish they were. Fine work, I got it! Keep it up!!! - T -
[13] (05.01.2008, 16:36:40)
They bring up a discussion about the ‘distorted’ world of the media, using the media itself, this is the goal of ‘art’, to challenge the human intelligence towards evolution and not to let the human brain ‘sleep’.

[14] Masato: (06.01.2008, 15:08:40)

[15] Geo: (24.01.2008, 20:54:11)
You guys have a wonderful sense of humour. Such a treat after the dark and mean streak that is permeating everything here in Canada. We are getting really good at sarcasm, which is not good. We used to be gentle.

We need a subtle, gentle art form. Sometimes to speak out. Sometimes for the love of it. Thank you for reminding me. I shall be sharing the NYT article and your You Tube video everywhere, plus your site. Lots of Czech's here:)

Again, thank you for sharing, thank you for teaching, thank you for making me laugh. Geo
[16] jan: (12.03.2008, 15:20:22)
[17] Zlo, Lež a Hnusota: 2 jan (12.03.2008, 16:00:05)
to sou mi pomatenosti nejakych historických vykopávek zda se

hlavne, že maj v oblibených antisemitske ultrakatolíky z institut sv. Josefa, proste Dobro, Pravda, Krasa