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Court rejects legal action against police brutality at the 2005 CzechTek techno-festival

2007-06-23, 0:29:00 • English
CzechTek 2005 – The court rejected the legal action taken up against the police’s attack on civilians
(23 Jun 2007)

Prague City court rejected on Wednesday the 20th of June, 2007 two administrative charges against the police procedures during the teknival (freetekno festival) CzechTek in the summer of 2005. The charges wanted the police’s actions to been announced as illegal.
The court rejection was based on the accordance of Czech law, which states that the only procedure which can be charged is one where illegal action of the state authority continues. According to the court, this condition was not fulfilled, and even if so, it is not their authority to judge the illegality of the police action. The members of CzechTek who proposed the charge, were represented by the non-state organization Iuridicum Remedium (www.iure.org).

Czech ombudsman Otakar Motejl (www.ochrance.cz) criticized the police action against the traditional freetekno festival in January 2006. According to him the action was legal but inappropriate and police had not used all possibilities in solving the situation without violence.

Before the 1000 riot police stood up against the approximately 5000 concert goers, the police had set up a blockade of the driveway to the rented field where the festival was supposed to take place. Police proceeded to give false information to people, trying to prevent them from going to the festival. Despite the blockade the fans proceeded to get to the event location via the forest.

photomap of CzechTek 2005: ..:. idnes.cz :.

As a result, some people strayed off the rented land. This was the reason given by the police, that their riot police used truncheons, tear gas, and water canons to push the members of festival off the land. Since many people believed they were on the rented field, they started to defend themselves.

photos: ..:. idnes.cz :.

There were scores of people injured on both sites. Several people ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. The exact number of injured people has yet to be determined.

According to the Emergency service report in Plzen (pdf), published immediately after the police action, there were 34 people injured: 26 civilians and 8 policemen. One civilian was severely handicapped, with permanent damage of the eye’s cornea, caused by the explosive.
Two girls ended up with serious injuries caused by the police, one with a broken rib, which tore her lungs, and almost resulting in death (aktualne.cz). The Second injury was a fractured elbow caused by a policeman who dragged her down to the ground (llp.cz).


The CzechTek police action was the largest police action since the NATO summit in 2002. It was also the most serious conflict between citizens and police since the collapse of the communist regime in 1989. Despite this fact, no one has taken responsibility.

Ex-premier Jiri Paroubek (CSSD), who politically protected the action, still claims it to be legal and necessary. The police action was denounced by a parlament (www.senat.cz) ruled by liberal democrats and by president Vaclav Klaus.
As well, no police authority has been charged for the action. Several high ranking police officers were actually promoted. The leader of the police disciplinary unit, Vladislav Husak (radio.cz) was promoted to police president within a month of the action. To date, not a single member of the police has been charged. The state prosecution rejected all charges against them.

So far, the only people being charged in court were civilians attending the festival. They have faced charges of attack on the public officer of law. In several cases the police have not been able to show any evidence of their claims.

The elections of June 2006 brought nothing new. The new minister of the interior, Ivan Langer, who criticized the police action, and promised a new investigation, has yet to keep his promise.

The Ministry of Interiér still officially claims that the police action was legal. Romana Kratka (aktualne.cz), seeking compensation for her serious injuries, including a torn lung as a result of the police action, was recently rejected from court.

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