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Represion against the Freetek Movement in Austria (network23.org.uk)

2007-08-1, 9:23:00 • FreeTekno akce
Represion against the Freetek Movement in Austria
(crusty, network23.org.uk, 2007-07-30, 10:33)

At this Weekend the Police seized (i hope thats the right Word, or maybe captured) 3-4 Soundsystems in Austria.
When the party began the Police was, we could say, the first Party Guests. So they had got the Infolines, form where are ever. One Cop make a Warning-Shoot in the Air because people wanna get to the Party. And the whole pa and boxes are now at the Police-Station. We don't know from where they get the Info, one guy said that they got a Flyer from the Party.

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[1] Peter: (31.10.2007, 15:06:37)
prepac ja som z rakuska a ja a kamarati potrebujeme ist na acidtek parti alle gde a kedi