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Fight for the squat Venedig in Graz (at.indymedia.org)

2007-08-1, 19:39:00 • Squatting
Fight for the squat Venedig in Graz!
(at.indymedia.org, 9.7.2007, 23:51)

Late in the evening of Friday July 6, 2007 activists squated a former school in Grenadiergasse 2 in Graz. The action followed a previous attempt to squat a building located in Elisabethinergasse in April. The goal was to create a space where people could live as well as have a space for cultural and artistic projects and events. The squat, named "Venedig" or "Venice," held a house and courtyard party with grilling and a concert on Saturday, which was well-attended by sympathisers as well as passers-by and neighbors.
At 7pm on Monday July 9 the police began to evict the squatters by force. The police forcefully opened doors and dragged people out individually and also beat some people up. In the process, several activists were injured, at least one injured seriously. According to recent information, one person was detained and the police recorded the personal information of a few others. After the eviction a spontaneous protest took place.

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