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...a červi se rozlezou!

2007-08-6, 22:44:00 • Video a filmy

...červi se rozlezou, a dělají přitom muziku! ;)

Worms Making Music

An ensemble of worms creating sweet electroacoustic music on an electric (battery powered) touch contact feedback device. No worms were harmed, despite the fact that they appear alarmed. Anyway, they were hastily removed and now live happily outside once again...

Worms Making Music 2

A solo worm performing a thoughtful little number. No worms were hurt. Just a quick disclaimer: Again, I swear that the worm was not hurt! Please don't worry. The circuit was adapted to run on a very low current. The spasms are just involuntary reactions. The worm was safely returned to its natural habitat. Incidentally, this video was submitted to (and rejected by) the Annual Slug & Worm Conference. They did not like worm music one bit...

Worms Making Music

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