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LSD in Prague: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study (maps.org)

2007-08-8, 7:07:00 • English

LSD in Prague: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study

(R. M. Crockford, MAPS bulletin, spring/summer 2007)

LSD in Czech Republic – Dr. Milan Hausner, sanatorium in Sadská near Prague

In the Czech language, the city of Prague is Praha. Derived from práh, the word for 'threshold' (or doorstep), the name fits. This legendary capital is not just a gateway between Eastern and Western Europe, but also a historic entry point into the exploration of the mind: between 1956 and 1974, some of the largest clinical use of LSD anywhere took place in Prague, involving as many as 700 psychiatric patients and volunteers in more than 6000 sessions. Long-term follow-up studies are crucial to establishing the safety and efficacy of psychedelic compounds. For that reason, MAPS recently provided me a 2000 USD grant to track down these Czech patients. Last fall and this spring, I found and interviewed a dozen of them – and it turned out that nearly all said they had been helped by LSD psychotherapy, more than 30 years after they experienced it.

Some of these patients responded to classified ads MAPS placed in newspapers, and others were located by interviewing some of the approximately 40 Czech doctors who worked with LSD. The research material was first provided by Sandoz, and after 1966 produced in the communist Czechoslovakia by a state pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, MAPS has not (yet) found any former patients of Dr. Stanislav Grof, who introduced the Czech experience with LSD to English readers in such books as Realms of The Human Unconscious (1970). Still, it did find others who were transformed by the type of high-dose, mystical psychedelic therapy that Grof helped pioneer. The most dramatic story was that of Miroslava S., a cheerful 69-year-old grandmother, and devout Catholic. She told MAPS that in 1967 she was catatonic with depression and terrified of making love with her husband, until she had three psychedelic sessions with Dr. Boris Merhaut.

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[1] eng-enabled: not "treshold", silly (08.08.2007, 14:25:18)
Praha is derived from prah (práh), that's true. But the english translation in this case is "door-step".