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Spain: Police beat the Freaky Dragons Festival (video)

2007-08-30, 22:28:00 • English

(Christophe Monxion, dragon-hunters.net, August 21, 2007)

Just arrived back from Spain, where the last 2 days have been spent around Tarragona to try understanding the reasons for all this mess and also been thinking about many different things that entered my mind in this process. Specially after spending one more week with the crew to clean and take down the constructions at the location so you can imagine how it was to look at this « battlefield » after all our dreams was broken down by unfair system control that ended up with this disaster and fascistic assaults from the government and their reservoir dogs (Guardian Civil).

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thx P.

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[1] jB: (31.08.2007, 11:06:10)
hmmm neni to dobrej pocit ze se se neco jako czechtekk stalo i jinde i kdyz na tech videich je videt docela h**** :(