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April 2008: Call for decentralized squat days of action (squat.net)

2007-10-4, 19:14:00 • Squatting
April 2008: Call for decentralized squat days of action
+ invitation to preparation meeting this fall

(squat.net, 2. října 2007)


1) Call for days of decentralized actions in defense of squatted & autonomous spaces in Europe, April 2008;

2) Invitation to a preparation meeting in "Les Tanneries" (Dijon, France), November 2007;


« On Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of April 2008, we call for two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting... in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture.

Through these two days, we want to help create more visibility of autonomous spaces and squats as a european/global political movement.

We want to develop interconnections and solidarity between squats and autonomous spaces. We want to keep linking our spaces with new people and new struggles, and support the creation of autonomous spaces in places where there has not been a history of this kind of action. We want to build, step by step, our ability to overcome the wave of repression falling on us.

více na: ..:. squat.net :.


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