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Israel: Ben Atar Squat under Threat of Eviction (indymedia.org.uk)

2007-10-22, 20:31:00 • Squatting
Ben Atar Squat under Threat of Eviction
(Gali Atari, indymedia.org.uk, 21.10.2007, 17:26)

The three years old squat in Florentin, a southern neiboughrhood of Tel Aviv, recieved an eviction order for this coming Teusday. Protests are planned.

The squat is located in Florentin, a lower class neighborhood in south Tel Aviv that is going through a process of gentrification for many years. The building in Ben-Atar st. is owned by the religious municipality and was used as a Mikveh (a religious bath). For the last 12 years the building was not used by it's legal owners and was kept empty for many years.

Around 3 years ago, a group of young Anarchists and Punks, many of them homeless, decided to move into the building, live in it and start a social center for the activists scene and the neighborhood.

During the three years of existence the squat hosted many events, film screening, shows, exhibitions, partys and many more. It also was a center for many political groups, artists musicians, and a place for people who were looking for a warm place to stay in.

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