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Nizozemská policie rozháněla demonstrace středoškoláků (indymedia.org.uk, youtube.com)

2007-11-30, 16:58:00 • Protestní akce
Netherlands: All high-schools on strike! Riots cops against pupils.
(indymedia.org.uk, 29.11.2007, 23:36)

The past few days have been exiting in the Netyerlands because suddenly the pupils of almost all (high)schools in the Netherlands walked out into the streets and started to create a big mess.

In Amsterdam riotcops on horses chased 13-year old kids over the Museumplein and applied the watercanon on them. 250 kids were arrested (in the whole of Holland). At many places small riots broke out, kids pelted buildings with egs and stones. One of the buildings attacked was that of the main media centre in Hilversum and that of the parliament in The Hague.

more: ..:. indymedia.org.uk :.

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Po protestech skončily v celách desítky středoškoláků (iDNES.cz)

The POLICE STATE of the Netherlands

This video contains shocking images of how the Dutch police beat up unarmed peacefully demonstrating students, in AMSTERDAM and MIDDELBURG (the capital of the province of Zeeland).

It's an outrage to use excessive violence against young scholars and it proves once more, the Dutch government is rigid, right wing, undemocratic and lost all sense of proportion and gives a strong signal:

"It's okay to beat up kids, we do it with pleasure, and we hereby abolish the right of demonstration for every citizen, Hail Balkenende!"


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