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Rozbrat squat alarm -Communique from 21/02/2008 (Rozbrat.org)

2008-02-24, 19:14:00 • Squatting
Rozbrat squat alarm -Communique from 21/02/2008
(Rozbrat.org, 21. února 2008)

Here are the news about our situation for all those who are interested in defending Poznan's Rozbrat squat. There's a legal trial going on in court against the owner of the ground that used to belong to Darex company and is the biggest part of Rozbrat squat. One of the creditors of that comapny is a bank situated near Warsaw. Darex company took a loan of 218,000 zlotys (about 62,000 euro) and today this loan is equal 372,000 zlotys (about 100,000 euro) together with the interest. It is possible that there are more creditors of Darex. Of course the amount of money after selling the ground will be higher than that. The decision about the evaluated price of the ground will be taken by court until the 22nd of February 2008. MOST PROBABLY IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH THE AUCTION WILL TAKE PLACE. We ask you all to mobilize around that time because we're planning a DEMONSTRATION! We count on you! Look for the following communiques from us at www.rozbrat.org


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