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Clemency Urged for Czech Art Hackers (NYTimes.com)

2008-03-8, 0:31:00 • English
Clemency Urged for Czech Art Hackers
(NYTimes.com, March 6, 2008)

Academics at Charles University in Prague have initiated a petition urging the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, to pardon the Ztohoven collective of young artists who superimposed an image of a nuclear explosion and mushroom cloud, above, over an image of the Krkonose Mountains, by hacking into a Czech Television CT2 weather broadcast in June, Agence France-Presse reported. Seven members of the group, which achieved international renown and won a national art prize for its images, are to appear in court on March 25, when they face sentences of as much as three years for scaremongering. The academics’ petition argues that the case is ridiculous and a waste of money. “The image introduced onto the broadcast was so absurd that it is impossible to regard it as scaremongering,” they said in a statement. Denisa Kera, a teacher and organizer of the protest, said the petition had gathered 3,500 signatures in its first three days.

source: ..:. NYTimes.com :.

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