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Chile: Anarchist Dies after police beating (Infoshop.org)

2008-04-5, 11:33:00 • English
Chile: Anarchist Dies after police beating
(Infoshop.org, April 04 2008, 12:42 AM PDT)

Mapuche Anarchist Jhonny Cariqueo Yañez died March31st, 2008 after suffering a heart attack while being beaten by the Carabineros (chilean police) during protests commemorating the Day of the Youth Combatant, in Pudahuel, Santiago. Jhonny was in the company of two comrades from the collective "Raised Fist" leaving the scene of clashes between police and protesters when a van full of special riot police intercepted them. The police beat and arrested Jhonny and his friends who were brought to the 26th Precinct in Pudahuel where they suffered constant verbal and physical assault...

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