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StAy UnDeRgRoUnD

2008-04-19, 10:23:00 • FreeTekno akce

StAy UnDeRgRoUnD.

tHiS Is tHe 0nLy ReAsOn wHy tHe iNfoPaRtY SeCtIoN Is aCtUaLLy cLoSeD. tHiS Is n0t tHe eNd 0f ShoCkRaVer tRaNsMiSsIoNs, bUt a LaSt AttEmPt 2 SaVe the UnDeRgRoUnD tEkNo MoVeMeNt. y0u WoNt NeeD
ShoCkRaVeR's iNfo aNyMoRe 2 fInD tHe PartY, y0u WiLL fInD It In a dIffErEnt wAy... aSk 2 y0uR fRiEnDs aNd LooK 4 iNfo aRoUnD y0u, bUt pLeAsE: DoNt SeNd mE aNy E-mAiLs aSkInG 4 tHiS iNfo. We aRe aLL InVoLvEd wItH cHaNgInG tHe ShIt InSiDe fReE PaRtIeS (aBoVe aLL In ItaLy), aNd It iS a tAsK 0f aLL 2:
St0p PoLiCaL rEpReSsIoN
St0p dRuGs BuSiNeSs iNsIdE tHe PaRtY
pReVeNt tHe dIy CuLtUrE fRoM LoSiNg ItS oRiGiNaL mEaNiNg...
Let'S aLL StaRt t0gEtHeR 2 fIgHt tHe RottEn aSpEct 0f tHe

Let'S aCt... NoW!

tHiNgS cAn ChAnGe If We aLL tRy 2 HaVe a p0sItIvE AttItUdE In aLL UnDeRgRoUnD eNvIr0nMeNtS. uNc0nScIoUsNeSs, tHoUgHtLeSsNeSs aNd gReEd aRe tHe MaIn cAuSe 0f tHe dEgEnErAtIoN n0t aLLoWeD aNyMoRe.
If aNy0nE foLLoWeD tHeSe No-RuLes, eVeRitHiNg WoULd Be EaSIeR.

..:. ShoCkRaVeR :.


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vaše komentáře:
[1] HYLDEGARDA: (19.04.2008, 11:04:02)
Ať žiJe EmO!
[2] ruka: HYLDEGARDA (20.04.2008, 14:46:21)
sama si emo
[3] dcac: (03.05.2008, 22:13:10)
jezis neumis cist StAy UnDeRgRoUnD.AT CHCIPNE EMO
[4] shokna: (29.09.2008, 22:57:08)
Digona tu emo...dobry typos :-D