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Fights between Czech extremists more frequent - BIS (CeskeNoviny.cz)

2008-09-25, 15:53:00 • English
Fights between Czech extremists more frequent – BIS
(CTK, CeskeNoviny.cz, 25.09.2008, 14:48)

Prague – Fights between right-wing and left-wing extremist groups have become more frequent in the Czech Republic, the Czech BIS counter-intelligence says in its annual report released today.
The police have problems to differentiate between leftist anarchists, and rightist skinheads and ultranationalists because they have all begun to wear black clothes, BIS says.

This makes it more difficult to prevent skirmishes between enemy groupings.

Both far-right and far-left groups like to communicate via the Internet, mainly because of its speed, availability and its relative anonymity, according to the report.

It says extremist movements use websites to promote their views, communicate, sell special goods to their members and contact similar groups abroad.

BIS considers the National Resistance (NO) to be the main extremist group in the country.

NO organised the two biggest extremist public events of 2007 – May Day in Brno and a march trough the historical Prague Jewish Town in November.

The report says the protests organised by the National Corporativism group were attended by the most radical rightist activists, among others.

The report also mentions the National Party (NS), but it says the paramilitary National Guard, promoted and established by NO, is practically non-existent.

The main left-wing anarchist group is the movement led by the Antifascist Action (AFA) whose protests are related to both official and unofficial fa-right marches, BIS says.

The anarchist scene was revived in 2007, partly because new young militant anarchists joined the movement and partly because of some domestic and international events, the report says.

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