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Prague squatters condemn police's alleged brutal crackdown (CeskeNoviny.cz)

2008-11-17, 10:12:00 • Média
Prague squatters condemn police's alleged brutal crackdown
(CTK, CeskeNoviny.cz, 16.11.2008 22:45)

Prague – About 150 squatters gathered at a square in central Prague today to protest against what they say was the police's inappropriate intervention against the Prague-Cibulka squat on Friday.
The protesters accused the police of having beaten the squat inhabitants up and demanded that the clampdown be investigated and the culprit made accountable.

The squatters complained that the police repressions against them have intensified recently.

No incidents accompanied the protest monitored by ten policemen.

Three police officers were injured and four squatters have been accused of attacking a public official as a result of Friday's incident in Cibulka.

Fearing that the police might evict them from the Cibulka mansion, the squatters climbed on the roof and threw tiles at passing-by police officers who were in fact searching for a person suspected of crime.

They climbed down only after a warning shot by the police. Skirmishes later continued after the squatters were taken to the police station.

The squatters, of whom about seven inhabit the abandoned and dilapidating mansion Cibulka, say they moved in three months ago with the approval of the building's owner.

source: ..:. ceskenoviny.cz :.

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