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Rioting breaks out in Athens over death of 16-year-old boy

2008-12-7, 22:22:00 • English
Greeks to take to the streets over death of teenager
(DPA, EarthTimes.org, 7th of December 2008, 12:51 PM)

The rioting began in Athens late on Saturday shortly after the shooting in the central district of Exarchia, after groups of youths began attacking a police car with stones and firebombs. One of the officers inside the police vehicle retaliated by firing warning shots, one of which seriously wounded the teenager in the stomach. The teenager died upon arrive at hospital.
Witnesses, however, claim that there was only a verbal exchange between the youths and police, and that a policeman shot directly into the group.
The unrest quickly spread to other cities and towns across the country where protest marches were scheduled to take place on Sunday.

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