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Dresden: Clashes at far-right protest - video (BBC/ Euronews.net/Antifa.de)

2009-02-15, 11:48:00 • English
Clashes at far-right protest
(BBC, 09:04 GMT, Sunday, 15 February 2009)

Thousands of people took to the streets of Dresden to protest against a far-right demonstration to mark the 64th anniversary of the World War II bombing of the German city.

Protesters repeatedly clashed with riot police, with some throwing stones at officers and nearby police vehicles.

video: ..:. news.bbc.co.uk :.
Rival groups mark Dresden bombing with clashes
(Euronews.net, 15/02 09:40 CET)

Riot police have clashed with demonstrators in the German city of Dresden.

Despite attempts to keep supporters from opposing political groups apart, two police cars were over turned and several arrests were made.

more and video: ..:. euronews.net :.

more photos: ..:. flickr.com:. via: ..:. antifa.de :.

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