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Czech court turns down proposal for Workers' Party dissolution (CeskeNoviny.cz)

2009-03-5, 13:59:00 • English
Czech court turns down proposal for Workers' Party dissolution
(CTK, CeskeNoviny.cz, 4. 3. 2009, 10:37)

Brno – The Czech Supreme Administrative Court today turned down the government's proposal that the far-right extra-parliamentary Workers' Party (DS) be dissolved.
The government said it believes the DS harbours extremists and seeks the removal of democracy in the country.

The verdict met with stormy ovations by DS fans in the courtroom.

Judge Vojtech Simicek called them to order. Now he is reading the reasons behind the verdict.

DS chairman Tomas Vandas said he will give a speech afterwards.

The court's special seven-member panel heard the views of the Interior Ministry and Vandas a fortnight ago, when the proceedings were adjourned.

The DS considers the proposal for its dissolution politically motivated and poorly supported with evidence.

Vandas says if the DS were outlawed, a new party under a different name would emerge in a few weeks.

The government, in its proposal, pointed out that he DS organised an illegal demonstration and continued another rally the authorities banned after it started.

The government also pointed to the DS's declaration of "a zero toleration of the country's post-1989 system."

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