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Milada Squat completely emptied

2009-07-1, 0:33:00 • English

Milada Squat completely emptied, Human Rights Minister promises new space

(Milada.org, June 30th, 2009, 11.15PM)

Today, the Prague Milada Squat was destroyed and emptied out by a private security company while police observed. Their focus was on destroying the windows and personal property of the squatters. The entire rooftop was destroyed.

The security company is known for employing a large number of Neo-Nazis. The employees which were there today were wearing Thor Steinar T-shirts. Antifa.cz stated that one of the security company employees has been in custody since last week and is charged with racially motivated attempted murder.

Milada squat is a property owned by the state, which has left it to decay for several years. 10 years ago the squatters moved into the house. Today, at the end of the violent dismantlement of the squat, the government's minister for human rights and the squaters came to an agreement. Minister Michael Kocab promised that he will try to find a new compensatory space for the squatters. After the two sides came to an agreement, the last two people came down from the roof. Several hundred protestors came to support Milada today, and demonstrations will continue tomorrow, July 1st from 12.00 at Senovážné square in Prague.

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