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Manifest of the Milada squatters to yesterday's events

2009-07-1, 11:25:00 • English
Manifest of the Milada squatters to yesterday's events
(Milada.org, July 1st, 2009, 4.30AM)

we, former residents of the Milada squat want to make a statement about events that happened 30.6. This day a violent eviction of eleven years old cultural and social center, the last one in czech republic, happened. From this moment something chaned in all of us. Neonazis from Prague security group together with cops destroyed the place where were we changing our dreams and visions into reality.
The Minister for Human Rights has promised to initiate negotiations about potential substitute place, but we do not intend to rely on politics or to cool down righteous fury of all the people for which Milada meant something.
Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, there will be adequate response that will really hurt the responsible authorities.

We feel urgent need to create new places where can we live an create by ourselves, without authorities. We think any activity pointing to this target is legitimate. Society, where is common that goverment institutions groups with neonazis against people creating non-commercial culture has no right to call itself free.

Support demonstartions, take direct actions, be creative! something has ended by the eviction of Milada but there´s also space for creating something new.

No repression stops our desire for freedom!

source: ..:. Milada.org :.

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[1] pičus z nechanic: go fuck yourselves (01.07.2009, 16:34:54)
... Milada was not anything close to cultural / social center you can see in other european metropoles ... it was huge shit dump, a shelter of drug trafficers and occasional thieves ... you would like to have total freedom and live in your own feases, you freaks?? .. get a flight tickets and find a place called south central ...
[2] mrx: go fuck yourslves two (01.07.2009, 19:17:25)
Lots of people homeless from those floods, yet you assholes are whining. Have you ever done anything useful???
[3] karla: heledte vy komicti tzv. debateri, (01.07.2009, 23:41:36)
jste si spletli web. nechcete jit blabolit ty vase nenavistny demagogicky kidy ve spatne anglictine na www.zenaazivot.cz, delnickastrana.cz nebo slusnyblbyobcan.cz?
[4] pičus z nechanic: 2 karla (02.07.2009, 10:27:08)
... funny how someone, who points to someones bad english writes in czech ... nech si vylízat vokroužkovanej poštěvák, smažko ... but wash yourself before that!!!!
[5] karla: (02.07.2009, 13:30:58)
no tak vyborne, tak jsme se alespon neco dozvedeli o inteligenci prispevatele...a zrejme sexualni frustraci :)
[6] pičus z nechanic: (02.07.2009, 14:58:18)
... so what did you found out?? that you wish you had my common sense and intelligence ... and that my sexual condition appeals to you?? ... poor girl ....