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Freeze Fest 2009

2009-09-2, 22:22:00 • English

FreezeFest 2009

GPS: 50°14'22.814"N, 14°55'11.334"E

Freeze Fest is a second year of a free art festival, which has a concept completely unique in the Czech Republic. The festival will take place on September 4th-6th, 2009 and will be in the first place focused on alternative branches of art, non professional art scene and DIY culture. Freedom to create will be offered to all without any bigger demands on money and time. The project is aimed on wide public, not forgetting students of art schools, professional as well as talented beginning artists, with stress on originality and exclusion of copying current trends...

Pillars of the festival:
Erasing the borders between an artist and a visitor Space for self-fulfillment for everyone Diversity, which arises thanks to meeting and diffusing of many artistic directions The festival without fences, admission, in a free atmosphere The festival will take a place again in the outstanding area of former military area Milovice, related to the dismal history of Czech Republic. We believe, that thanks to the Freeze festival we can revitalize and imprint the human face to this area. The aim of the Freeze festival is to provide an environment and opportunities to everyone, who is interested to create this event and by that present him/herself as well or create his/her art works at the place during the festival. People get here a unique chance to own fulfillment. It will be an event, where people meet at one time in one place and will show their projects to the public. They will also inspire themselves and maybe even establish closer cooperation among themselves. Seeing that the last year's first volume of the Freeze festival was managed according to our ideas and the feedback of participants far surpassed all expectations, we consider our effort and determination as successful and we boldly dare to create a new tradition of events valuable for development of non-professional culture.

The volume Freeze Fest or Culture Differently 2009 is still in progress of preparations. So if anyone of you wants to participate as a performer, volunteer or have beneficial ideas do not hesitate to contact us and become a part of the Freeze fest. Each area has been divided in contacts.

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