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Two dead after police shoot-out in Prague

2009-09-18, 9:09:00 • English

Two witnesses deny participation in murder of policeman in Prague

(CTK, September 17th, 2009, 8.26AM)

Prague – Two witnesses to Wednesday's murder of a policeman in Prague have reported to the police saying they did not take part in the shoot-out in which the 27-year-old policeman was killed along with a wanted offender he was pursuing.

Andrea Zoulova, Prague police spokeswoman, told CTK she would neither confirm nor refute the information that the two witnesses, who after the incident escaped in a car and were hiding, reported to the police late on Wednesday. The witnesses, a man aged 25 and a woman aged 23, say that no shooting came out of the car. "Neither of us opened fire, we did not have any weapons," TN.cz quotes the two saying before they reported to the police. In the shoot-out in Reporyje district of Prague 5, the police officer died as did a repeated offender (aged 28) whom the officer was pursuing.

The police set off for Reporyje after they learnt that the wanted offender, who was avoiding prison service, was staying there. They knew he is probably armed. Before they could catch him, the offender tried to drive off in a car but crashed into a police car. Running away, he shot the policeman dead. Afterwards he attempted to escape but was shot dead by another policeman.

From Wednesday's information it was not clear whether the two witnesses drove the car along with the offender. Czech police only said they were on the spot of the incident.

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