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Czech Romany girl burnt in arson attack spends Christmas at home (CeskeNoviny.cz)

2009-12-26, 21:49:00 • English
Czech Romany girl burnt in arson attack spends Christmas at home
(CeskeNoviny.cz, 24. prosince 2009, 15:09)

Budisov nad Budisovkou – The three-year-old Romany girl Natalka who suffered severe burns in an arson attack in April spends Christmas at home, which is the most beautiful Christmas gift for her family, her mother Anna Sivakova has told CTK.
Natalka was hospitalised for eight months fighting for her life. She has undergone several operations and a few more are probably ahead of her.

"I have told myself that I do not want any Christmas gift since I have received it already. It is Natalka," said Sivakova, who along with her partner and Natalka's father Pavel Kudrik also suffered burns in the attack.

Sivakova added that the second most beautiful present for her was human solidarity.

The family was receiving encouraging letters and gifts, mainly toys and clothes for Natalka and her sisters, from all over the country the whole December.

Thanks to people's solidarity, the family can spend Christmas Eve together in their new home.

Natalka's parents moved in mid-November from an asylum dormitory in which they had stayed since the attack to their new house in Budisov nad Budisovkou. It is situated only a few kilometres away from their original house in Vitkov, north Moravia, that was destroyed in the attack.

The family could afford new housing thanks to the money collected for them in a public fund-raising campaign and they also received furniture from various donors.

In the night of April 19, extremists threw three Molotov cocktails into the house in Vitkov where nine people lived. Sivakova, her partner and their daughter, aged two then, were injured. Natalka suffered burns to 80 percent of her body.

The police have accused four ultra-right extremists in connection with the arson attack. If found guilty, they face up to 15 years in prison, or possibly a longer sentence, for a racially motivated attempted murder.

source: ..:. ceskenoviny.cz :.

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