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Czech court opens proceedings to dissolve far-right Workers Party (CeskeNoviny.cz)

2010-01-11, 19:51:00 • English
Czech court opens proceedings to dissolve far-right Workers Party
(CTK, CeskeNoviny.cz, 11.01.2010, 16:05)

Brno – The Czech Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) has started dealing with the proposal to dissolve the far-right Workers´ Party (DS) that some experts say has close ties with Czech neo-Nazis.
The court room is full. The present are mainly journalists while only about ten DS followers gathered outside the court building.

The party is represented by its chairman Tomas Vandas, the government by lawyer Tomas Sokol.

Judges of the same special panel rejected the first proposal to dissolve the DS last year, citing lack of evidence and overall formal imperfectness.

The governments´ new proposal has some 70 pages plus 85 annexes, such as police reports, Internet articles, DS printed stuff and many other documents.

In his opening speech Sokol said in the beginning the DS confined itself to making aggressive verbal lash-outs. Later, however, it organised or participated in street marches reminiscent of "attempted pogrom." At their public meetings DS members physically clashed with the police.

The DS´s goal is a "semi-totalitarian or totalitarian state," Sokol said.

While presenting the evidence and arguments on behalf of the government, Sokol cast doubt on the DS´s allegation that it follows the example of the national socialist party from inter-war Czechoslovakia, including Milada Horakova, its former politician who was executed by the communists in 1950.

Sokol said all that was just a veil to cover up the DS´s admiration for Hitler´s Nazism.

Vandas reacted calling Sokol´s words an outrageous lie.

Sokol presented an expert assessment that he said proves that links exist between the DS and neo-Nazism. They surface, for example, in the dominant role of the party leader and in xenophobia and nationalism on the DS´s part, Sokol said.

Vandas called the assessment biased.

The first round of the proceedings will last until Thursday when the court may give its verdict.

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