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Czech Pirate Party launches PirateLeaks: Czech version of WikiLeaks

2010-12-21, 12:21:00 • English

Czech version of Wikileaks will turn to The Pirate Bay for help

(Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica, December 21st, 2010)

Swiss Pirate Flag

It appears that the Czech Pirate Party's attempt to set up its own Wikileaks site isn't going as smoothly as the group hoped. The CPP (Česká pirátská strana) announced the inauguration of its 'PirateLeaks' information service earlier this month, to be officially launched on Tuesday. But now the organization says that there will be some delays due to security issues.

"We could host content immediately – that's straightforward," Jakub Michálek, editor-in-chief of PirateLeaks explained to the Czech Position news service. "But what isn't straightforward is insuring 100 percent anonymity for the informers."

A way to influence politics

The Czech Pirate Party is similar to the Swedish Pirate Party, which advocates for the rights of citizens to share files and publish or access information. The CPP registered as a political entity in June of 2009, and about a year later garnered 0.8 percent of the vote in the Czech Republic's Chamber of Deputies Parliamentary election.

The group has been a big supporter of Wikileaks for quite a while. In May it launched a 'pirate copy' of the site-not just a redirect, "but an exact copy, which will be regularly updated," according to a translation of the announcement.

As for establishing its own version of Wikileaks, the CPP describes the project as a "great way to influence regional politics." PirateLeaks will faithfully operate along the Wikileaks methodology-soliciting documents from institutional insiders and getting help from news media in verifying their authenticity.

source: ArsTechnica.com :.

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