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USA must legalise drugs to stop violence!

2011-10-21, 21:21:00 • English

Former Mexican president: 'US must legalise drugs to stop violence'

(BBC NEWS US & Canada, 19th October 2011, 10.37PM)

Vicente Fox (former Mexican president) Vicente Fox

The former President of Mexico has told the BBC that he holds the United States responsible for the violence in his country.

Vicente Fox, who was president from 2001 to 2006, said consumption of drugs in the US was at the root of the problem and he called for the legalisation of drugs in America.

Forty-five thousand people are estimated to have been killed since Mexico's current President Felipe Calderon launched his war on the drug cartels five years ago.

Speaking to the BBC's Katty Kay, Mr. Fox said it was time to withdraw the military and to seek an alternative strategy.

more (video/interview): ..:. BBC.co.uk :.


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